• Southern peut référer à :
  • Southern, le nom d'une concession ferroviaire du sud de Londres ;
  • Southern Records, un label discographique ;
  • Southern, un district de Hong Kong.
  • Southern Company, une entreprise du secteur énergétique américain.
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  • AdjectifCOMmore SouthernSUPmost SouthernSUF-ern
    1. (not in US) from or pertaining to the southern part of any region.
      1. (chiefly US) from or pertaining to the South, the south-eastern states of the United States, or to the inhabitants or culture of that region.
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          • These are not minor issues because the regional extinctions of small mammals are a widespread phenomenon in southern South America and have involved several sigmodontine and caviomorph rodent species.
          • The southern end of the Rockies plunges gradually along its sharp frontal downflex and passes into the Anton Chico monocline.
          • Zazaki has three sub-dialects: Northern, Central, and Southern Zazaki.
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