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  • Nom propre
    1. A surname​.
    2. Plus d'exemples
      1. Utilisé au milieu de la phrase
        • The Oath is redacted ; pronounced aloud by President Bailly, — and indeed in such a sonorous tone, that the cloud of witnesses, even outdoors, hear it, and bellow response to it.
        • Why would you say something so hurtful? God, you are such a stirrer!
        • [ …] they were needless bursts of imagination from a man who’d made such a show of unshowiness.
      2. Utilisé au début de la phrase
        • Such changes were experienced by the cafegoer in the example as a source of mild irritation, of feeling 'bothered a bit'.
        • Such a use may be described formally as cook + -encooked
        • Such systematic effects are always present in all bioimaging systems and hinder quantitative comparison between the cell model and bioimages.
      3. Utilisé dans la fin de la phrase
        • I'd suggest that any "testrionics" are more about men who fear homosexuailty than about feminists who do not seem to fear such.
        • The inquiry’s chair, Alex Gallacher, later looked up flexicuffs on an electronic device, and described them as “basically cable ties”, noting it would be very easy for Nichols to mistake them as such.
        • All that hogshit about mental disorders and dream states and such.
    • Partie du discours Hiérarchie
      1. Noms
        • Noms propres

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      Meaning of Such for the defined word.

      Grammaticalement, ce mot "Such" est un nom, plus spécifiquement, un noms propre.
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