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    1. plural of character.
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        • The taxonomy of these species remains complex, in part because of the intragradational character in the external morphology of many thecamoebian species [100 ,101 ].
        • Overall, this character diversification reflects the polychaetotic or oligochaetotic evolutionary tendencies within this group of F.
        • They are characterized instead by lists of homoplasious polythetic characters that are not easily retrievable from the publications [70 –73 ].
      2. Utilisé dans la fin de la phrase
        • To find the first digit in a positive number, stringify it and take the first character.
        • That Ulibarri sees the Ecuadorean Indian as too burdened by a tradition of dehumanizing servitude is perhaps more revealing of his deep-seated Usonianism than of the Indians' real character.
        • I think they would try to humanize the worst villains in history out of their fear that the audience might not like the central character.
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