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  • NomBFfunction
    1. plural of function.
    2. VerbeBFfunctionPRfunctioningPT, PPfunctioned
      1. third-person singular simple present indicative of function.
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          • Euler's totient function φ(n) counts the number of totatives of n.
          • Moreover, ubiquitination has non-proteasomal functions during the internalization and postendocytic sorting of transmembrane proteins [36 ].
          • These mice were examined using manganese-enhanced MRI to assess effects of PBM on transretinal calcium channel function in vivo.
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          • Functions should use matching variable names for tramp data to improve readability.
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          • It is completely self-originated and self-sufficient in its functioning.
          • We find new restrictions on the Hilbert space of pure gravity by imposing invariance under large diffeomorphisms and normalizability of the wave function.
          • We study an optimization strategy that directly uses a maximum a posteriori (MAP) estimate of the argmax of the function.
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