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  • AdjectifCOMmore irrelevantSUPmost irrelevantPREir-SUF-ant
    1. Not related, not applicable, unimportant, not connected.
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      1. Utilisé au milieu de la phrase
        • It is irrelevant what his identity is - particularly since you have told us, in your little bit of tinfoilhattery above, that you refuse to reveal yours.
        • The man rejected the business forum moderator's advice and decided to feed the troll by answering his irrelevant question whether he could host a game show.
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      1. Adjectifs
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        Meaning of irrelevant for the defined word.

        Grammaticalement, ce mot "irrelevant" est un adjectif. C'est aussi un morphème, plus spécifiquement, un préfixe.
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