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    1. plural of lipid.
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        • Most often, this happens pericentrally, but the lipid deposition can also occur in the periportal zone, see [104 ] and the references therein.
        • Lutein concentrations correlated with lipid pathway metabolites, energy pathway metabolites, brain osmolytes, amino acid neurotransmitters, and the antioxidant homocarnosine.
        • This molecule also lacks Cys 421 that has been reported to be palymitoylated, although mutation of this residue does not impact lipid raft localization of human CD4 [31 , 32 ].
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        • Lipid peroxidation susceptibility is commonly assessed by the peroxidability index (PI), which is based on the number of unsaturations present in the fatty acid chain [25 ].
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