EN[ˈmɛnɪi] [ˈmɛni] [ˈmɪni] [-ɛni] [ˈmæni] [-æni]
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    1. A multitude; a great aggregate; a mass of people; the generality; the common herd.
      1. A considerable number.
      2. Pronom
        1. A collective mass of people.
          1. Democracy must balance the rights of the few against the will of the many
          2. A great many do not understand this. ‎
        2. An indefinite large number of people or things.
          1. Many are called, but few are chosen. ‎
      3. Déterminant
        1. An indefinite large number of.
          1. many people enjoy playing chess;  there are many different ways to cook a meal
      4. Plus d'exemples
        1. Utilisé au milieu de la phrase
          • I don't give a flying fuck about how many laps I can run in 20 minutes, I'm more interested in something over there...
          • In the tobacco hornworm, many larval motoneurons become respecified and supply new muscles in the adult.
          • any of their predictions came true, but of course, many did not. ‎
        2. Utilisé au début de la phrase
          • Many times surgery is necessary to prevent cancer from spreading.
          • Many did quickly unnun and disfriar themselves. — Fuller.
          • Many Americans have become olive aficionados, finicky about their picholines and arbequinas, Kalamatas and Cerignolas.
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        1. Déterminants
          • Noms
            • Noms Dénombrable
            • Pronoms
              • Pronoms indéfinis
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            Grammaticalement, ce mot "many" est un déterminant. C'est aussi un nom, plus spécifiquement, un noms dénombrable. C'est aussi un pronom, plus spécifiquement, un pronoms indéfini.
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