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    1. plural of material.
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        • As we age, the major arteries of our bodies frequently become thickened with plaque, a fatty material with an oatmeal-like consistency that builds up along the inner lining of blood vessels.
        • It was easy enough to leave off drinking sugar in her tea, but it was difficult to leave off materials constructed of cotton, and Miss Congreve was driven to the verge of Adamitism.
        • One risk of introducing potent material too fast is that a veteran could become retraumatized and perhaps unwilling to continue other kinds of therapy, as well.
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        • Materials that can be deformed by photoirradiation are not unknown, but generally consist of polymer films and gels and are rather slow-acting.
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        • I geocode my customers' addresses to provide them with more relevant promotional material.
        • Furthermore, we discuss the potential use of our metasurface absorber design in solar thermophotovoltaics by exploiting refractory plasmonic materials.
        • The inside of a valve has whetted parts constructed of corrosion resistant material.
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