EN[sɛd] [-ɛd]
EN Said

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  • VerbeBFsaySGsaysPRsayingPT, PPsayed
    1. simple past tense and past participle of say.
    2. AdjectifBFsay
      1. mentioned earlier.
        1. The said party has denied the charges.
    3. Déterminant
      1. mentioned earlier.
        1. Said party has denied the charges.
    4. Plus d'exemples
      1. Utilisé au milieu de la phrase
        • “Investors tend to underreact to positive fundamental change,” said Horacio Valeiras, chief investment officer of Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management.
        • Kavanagh said a scan yesterday detected a small tear in Maldivian's near side suspensory ligament.
        • I think he was just kidding around when he said that, so don't take it personally.
      2. Utilisé au début de la phrase
        • Say he's been misguided by the rebels, and how they've inveigled him, till he's turned rebel himself; and how he's now out with Marion's men, in Major Singleton's squad.
      3. Utilisé dans la fin de la phrase
        • "We’ve also tossed around increasing the gate admission from $5 to $7 or $8, but we really want to avoid impacting the fairgoer, so we’re keeping admission at $5," Jensen said.
        • “At such times, executives can overattribute their company’s strong performance to their own actions and abilities, rather than to the buoyant economy,” he said.
        • "I didn't ever do that, but when I first started drinking I got sick all over this guy I was seeing," I say.
    • Partie du discours Hiérarchie
      1. Adjectifs
        • Adjectifs incomparable
        • Déterminants
          • Verbes
            • Formes verbales
              • Participes
                • Participe passé
                • Formes de dernières verbe simple
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            Meaning of said for the defined word.

            Grammaticalement, ce mot "said" est un adjectif, plus spécifiquement, un adjectifs incomparable. C'est aussi un déterminant. C'est aussi un verbe, plus spécifiquement, un formes verbale.
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