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  • Préposition
    1. IDI For example.
      1. Waterbirds, such as the duck or the gull, are common in the area. ‎
    2. IDI Like, of the kind mentioned.
      1. I was never in a country such as that. ‎
    3. IDI (formal) Those who.
      1. Such as have already done their work may leave. ‎
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      • One of these PGRs is 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA), which is also believed to be an essential biosynthetic precursor for the biosynthesis of tetrapyrrols such as heme and chlorophyll [9 ].
      • No additional gross placental abnormalities, such as succenturiate lobe, vasa previa, or eccentric cord insertion, were identified in these cases.
      • It is generally known that several indicators are associated with CKD in the clinical laboratory such as microalbumin, urine protein, and serum creatinine.
    2. Utilisé au début de la phrase
      • Such as when α-1,3-glucan is injected alone into the mice, it stimulates the host immune response and consequently has an antifumigatus development role.
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