Flumière du soleil WRayonnement solaire
  • Le rayonnement solaire est l'ensemble des ondes électromagnétiques émises par le Soleil.
  • Il est composé de toute la gamme des rayonnements, de l'ultraviolet lointain comme les rayons gamma aux ondes radio en passant par la lumière visible.

    Definition of sunlight in English Dictionary

  • NomPLsunlights
    1. All the electromagnetic radiation given off by the Sun, especially that in the visible spectrum that bathes the Earth.
      1. The solitary, lumbering trolls of Scandinavian mythology would sometimes be turned to stone by exposure to sunlight. Barack Obama is hoping that several measures announced on June 4th will have a similarly paralysing effect on their modern incarnation, the patent troll.
    2. (figuratively, figuratively) Brightness, hope; a positive outlook.
    3. Plus d'exemples
      1. Utilisé au milieu de la phrase
        • This genial melting of prejudices under the soft sunlights falling upon the hearts of the circle, was to me, the charm of this, and of the former evening: and was the best part of the entertainment.
        • Rayleigh scattering of sunlight in a clear atmosphere is the main reason why the sky is blue.
      2. Utilisé dans la fin de la phrase
        • You will streak a window by cleaning it in direct sunlight.
    • Partie du discours Hiérarchie
      1. Noms
        • Noms Dénombrable
          • Singularia tantum
            • Noms Indénombrable
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