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EN[beɪkt] [-eɪkt]

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  • Exemples de baked
    1. The clay baked in the sun.
    2. Rice has a mild flavor and does not overpower the overall taste of any sweet baked good
    3. In the 1890s Gundaroo Bullock was the name given to baked koala, — Bill Beatty, Tales of Old Australia, National Distributors, ISBN 1-86436-013-5, page 14
    4. In addition to the fresh-baked bread, cake, and fruit-filled kolacky, they also shelve locally produced clover honey.
    5. In less than two years, they and their family and friends have skydived, marathoned, tray-baked and dinner-danced their way to £130,000 for Duchenne research through their help4harry campaign.
    6. The key to a good baked Alaska is the meringue topping.
    7. Now, he's mixed up with some half-baked religion.
    8. a multipack of tins of baked beans
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