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  • Exemples de coast
    1. The absence of sedimentaries and metasedimentaries in W52 suggest it is not from the Sepik north coast, which is defined by heterogeneous lithic inclusions derived from the Torricelli Mountains.
    2. The fleet is on the American coast.
    3. A shelfy coast. — Dryden.
    4. So to the coast of Jordan he directs / His easy steps, girded with snaky wiles. — Milton.
    5. Scores of transport planes streamed in to drop stick after stick of containers until the entire sky over the coast was polka-dotted with brightly coloured parachutes.
  • Exemples de coasts
    1. Our second front will, in fact, comprise both the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts of Europe, and we can push either right-handed, left-handed, or both-handed as our resources and circumstances permit.
    2. For the past decade, the politics of the country has been defined by this map —— a conservative heartland and two bracketlike liberal coasts.
    3. He just coasts through life like it doesn't mean a thing.
    4. [ …] [A]n unrelenting U-Boat warfarewas havocing the coasts, the hope and prayer of a stricket world was America, the Yankees.
  • Exemples de coasted
    1. He shifted his car out of gear, at the top of the hill, and coasted down in Mexican overdrive.
  • Exemples de coasting
    1. The vessels, which were fitted out entirely for coasting voyages, were large, undecked, the seams fastened with cords made of the cocoa fibres, and the timbers in the same manner.

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