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    1. The display and result must be placed in the context that was it was against a side that looked every bit their Fifa world ranking of 141 - but England completed the job with efficiency to record their biggest away win in 19 years.
    2. They finished the project exhaustedly, with many elements sloppily completed.
    3. They completed the first series perfectly.
    4. They successfully completed their project together.
    5. Funds are urgently required if this work is to be completed as planned.
    6. As our relationship grew, we spent more and more time with each other and on his payday, the first of each month, he paid for a movie, purchased popcorn and bought the hamburger that completed our eventing. That was his big “whoopee do” for the month.
    7. (concrete) I flew to Frankfurt. (a single, completed action) Polish example: Poleciałem do Frankfurtu. (infinitive: (po)lecieć)
    8. Extensive upgrades to the Arecibo antenna will be completed this spring, providing dozens of Toutatis-quality detections per year, spacecraft-quality images of the closest approachers, and hundred-pixel images of dozens of main-belt asteroids ( 9 ).
    9. The purchase of a warm astrachan bonnet, a bourka, [C] and bashlik, [D] completed my outfit.
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