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    1. Furthermore, these data support the current view that feedback from the stomach is unnecessary for the termination of drinking behavior and are consistent with a role of orosensory or postgastric feedback.
    2. Therefore, in the current study MMP2, aMMP8, MMP9 and MMP12 were measured in the bronchial fluid of 91 patients undergoing elective diagnostic bronchoscopy and these findings correlated with the presence of periopathogenic marker species.
    3. Those who prioritise scorestreaks are using Nomad’s Rejack ability, which provides a death-defying injection of nanoparticle serum: if an opponent manages to kill you, you can bring yourself back from the dead and continue your current streak.
    4. Eladamri's Call may help out with your deck in it's current form, as would removing some of the one- and two-ofs for some more redunancy.
    5. The thinker Amitai Etzioni comes up with a useful concept in the current edition of Prospect magazine when he talks of "moral megalogues" – mass dialogues over right and wrong.
    6. However, the current distributions of microrefugia remain largely unknown.
  • Exemples de currents
    1. The sea receiveth a red and minious tincture from springs, wells, and currents that fall into it. — Sir Thomas Browne.
    2. Marine scientists will plumb the Arctic Ocean and productive waters around Antarctica to see how shifts in sea ice and ocean currents affect species from clouds of shrimplike krill to whales, penguins and polar bears.
    3. As a consequence, the turbiditic currents of marly mud are not able to cause erosion similar to those of siliciclastic mud.
    4. Rapid solution exchanges were accomplished through a series of flow pipes mounted onto a piezoelectric bimorph to evoke NMDA receptor currents.
    5. The transfer of heat from a hot object by means of upward hot air currents from the object, is due to free convection.
    6. The fans, or brushes, create currents in the water that direct food toward the larvae’s mouthparts and help stuff the food into their deeply concealed mouths.
    7. We demonstrate that addressable microstimulators powered by rectification of epidermically applied currents are feasible.
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