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    1. Capacitive touchscreens are all glass and designed for use in ATMs and similar kiosk-type applications.
    2. The dusty-pink replacement windows, although thoughtfully designed, have much larger panes and a machine-made character, in contrast to the craftlike work on the rest of the building.
    3. For Woolworth, Gilbert designed a house that was similar, but lacier at the roof line, with intricate copper roof cresting and crocketed chimneys, and elaborately decorated dormers.
    4. The restaurant's drive-through window had a turntable of bulletproof glass designed to allow transactions while preventing robberies.
    5. I designed clothes for flowerlike women, with rounded shoulders, full feminine busts and hand-span waists above enormous spreading skirts.
    6. Or the Timeless Bracelet, designed by Ina Seifart: a link-style watchband with a traditional foldover clasp, it has no face at all, just an open spot where you would expect to see one.
    7. Architectural experts say they cannot recall such a drastic midconstruction downscaling, especially of a building designed by a marquee architect, in this case Norman Foster.
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