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    1. SG2000 (SJG-136, NSC694501) is a rationally designed pyrrolobenzodiazepine dimer which interacts sequence selectively in the minor groove of DNA.
    2. Primers were designed using CLCbio Genomics Workbench version 7.0 to amplify gene fragments with a length more than 2 kb based on known Fragaria gene sequences and their location on the pseudochromosomes (Table  1 ).
    3. A brief assessment tool has been recently designed to identify patients with high levels of sedentarism and low daily PA (Rapid Assessment Disuse Index-RADI).
    4. Let alone live in a house designed with the delicate curves of a butterfly wing, like one Victorian superhouse overlooking the wilds of the Bass Strait.
    5. Based on the representation of WPGs, an effective algorithm for determining the new reconstructibility of BCNs is designed with the help of the theories of finite automata and formal languages.
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