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  • Exemples de effect
    1. The regression of a liver tumor after irradiation of bone that the tumor metastasized to is an example of the abscopal effect.
    2. We wish to study the algogenic effect of bee stings.
    3. a drug with an antibulimic effect
    4. Circumcision ’s effect on sex is a white-hot issue in the United States for the small but vocal anticircumcision lobby.
    5. This drug has an antiepileptic effect.
    6. The reporter told Fear & Favor, "I came to the realization that the effect of the editing was to make the local residents around Ward Valley look like complete kooks, complete antitechnology nuts.
    7. Catecholamines have an arrhythmogenic effect.
    8. "We can prove this product has a bacteriocidic effect," said Dr. Komiyama, whose research, sponsored by the brush's maker, the Shiken Corporation of Osaka, Japan, suggests that the brush reduces the amount of oral bacteria.
    9. On tracks like "Mama's Gonna Make Us a Cake" one guitarist plays basslike parts while the other goes nuts in a scrappy way; for "Evil Operations Classified" Billotte and Wilcox drop into lockstep to exhilarating effect.
    10. This stimulant has a caffeinelike effect.
  • Exemples de effects
    1. The postulated mechanism for the reaction of coumarin 4 as an antioxidant, as indicated in Fig 3 , relies on the mercapto hydrogen atom (bold), which is under the influence of resonance and inductive effects.
    2. These works thus corroborate the necessity for more complete studies on the micromolecular fractions of wasp venoms to identify and characterize the components responsible for these notorious antiepileptic effects.
    3. Vineyard owners, many of them in midharvest when the fire struck, have begun adding up the effects of heat and smoke, which can damage grape quality even if vines survive.
    4. With respect to the cytotoxic effects, compounds 2–7 fall into two groups: the alkyl esters ( 2, 3 ) and the mofetil ester 4 on one hand, and the basic heterocyclic esters 5–7 on the other hand.
    5. We have demonstrated that the immune response to polybacterial infection with 4 bacteria differs significantly from monobacterial infections, and highlights the importance of studying the effects of polybacterial infections.
    6. Then the inhibitory effects of the three compounds on monophenolase activity of tyrosinase were also determined.
    7. A random effects group analysis was performed on the basis of the multisubject approach of the general linear model.
  • Exemples de effected
    1. In the background is a matrix of her mixed cybergenetic kin, all resulting from different "racial" crosses effected by a computer program.
    2. An extrajudicial conveyance is effected by the act of the parties and does not involve, as in the fine and recovery, judicial proceedings.
    3. Slow though the process of selection may be, if feeble man can do much by artificial selection, I can see no limit to the amount of change, to the beauty and complexity of the coadaptations between all organic beings, one with another and with their physical conditions of life, which may have been effected in the long course of time through nature's power of selection, that is by the survival of the fittest.
    4. And the said house, and other things before-mentioned, to be made and done, to be in all other contrivitions, conveyances, fashions, thing and things effected, finished and done, according to the manner and fashion of the said house called the Globe - -.
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