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    1. We propose that endothelization in vitro is faster and more efficient, since it has been shown that despite being reendothelized in vivo vascular grafts lacking a continuous endothelium still show thrombosis and calcification.
    2. Earlier gametocytogenesis and relapses might allow for more efficient transmission to the vector mosquitoes [ 15 ].
    3. People would place themselves so as to expose the more expressive left hemiface to the partner or/and[sic] to use the more efficient left visual field to observe the partner.
    4. Of note, intraportal infusion seemed to be more efficient than peripheral route.
    5. The previous study reported that AFM is an efficient tool to study the surface morphology and microtribological properties of thin films.
    6. Some alternatives, notably constraint-preconditioned or projected Krylov methods, are relatively efficient, but they can suffer from numerical instability and even nonconvergence.
    7. Burkholderia sp. strain UYPR1.413 is able to renodulate its original host and is highly efficient in fixing nitrogen with this host [ 18 ].
    8. This leads to highly efficient photon-to-electron conversion, orders of magnitude larger than conventional rectennas.
  • Exemples de more efficient
    1. In general, low capacitance input transistors are preferable, and systems where the total capacitance at the input is dominated by the detector capacitance are more efficient than systems that are capacitively matched.
    2. The UNIFEM project sought to introduce chorkor fish-smoking ovens because they were more efficient than the existing methods used in Konakry.
    3. Floppy diskette drives have largely been replaced by more efficient media such as the USB memory stick.
    4. It's all about finding ways to make yourself more efficient. Lifehacking, baby. This morning, I brushed my teeth in the shower, saved myself 90 seconds, which I just used to explain this to you. Damn it!
  • Exemples de most efficient
    1. The subway map was quite informational, allowing us to determine the most efficient route to our destination.
    2. Nor do they ever concentrate long on clapping, foot-tapping or vocalism, even though hands, feet, speech and song are the most efficient noninstrumental human means of creating complex aural rhythm.
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