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  • Exemples de exist
    1. There is no way to do it. [=No way to do it exists.]
    2. Is there an answer? [=Does an answer exist?]
    3. No, there isn't. [=No, one doesn't exist.]
    4. Food doesn't cease to exist merely because somebody swallowed it, beanbrain.
    5. So before blamestorming wireless, make sure that the problem does not exist when you are using wired networking.
    6. We are told to cease and desist or we will cease to exist.
    7. Tachyons exist on the other side of the Einstein barrier.
    8. The patterns of racism and gynergy exist, I contend, separate from and prior to the humans who currently affirm these ideas.
    9. This idealized structure may not exist in reality, considering the high divorce rate and the intermixes of maternal-paternal dominance characteristics.
    10. "You can't prove Santa doesn't exist, therefore Santa does exist", is a common logical fallacy.
  • Exemples de exists
    1. Unlike other farms, theirs exists in a dim, tidal underworld: barnacle- and starfish-covered pilings hold up a few narrow wooden plankways for the abalone harvesters.
    2. Roger wasn’t sure whether “jeans” was a true plurale tantum, since the word “jean” exists and describes a type of cloth.
    3. Come on you, religitards: Prove your God exists and I'll shut the hell up.
    4. In the category of sets, a terminal object is any singleton, since there exists a unique function, namely the constant function, from any given set into that singleton.
    5. The pollen of plants is the fecundating power, and consists of a number of small sacs, invisible to the naked eye, in which a fluid exists, which is analogous to the spermatic fluid in man and animals.
    6. Cognitive dissonance exists when a person possesses two cognitions, one of which is contradictory to the other
  • Exemples de existed
    1. Our constitution is a prescriptive constitution; it is a constitution, whose sole authority is, that it has existed time out of mind.
    2. What I find deeply disturbing, however, is that Mr. Ross could believe that the earth was created 10,000 years ago, but nevertheless write in his dissertation that mosasaurs, or marine reptiles, existed more than 65 million years ago.
    3. The cam-within-a-cam concept has existed for decades, but perfecting it for production might just add another decade to the life of the pushrod engine.
    4. This may be called milieu control. The Chinese Communist prison is probably the most thoroughly controlled and manipulated group environment that has ever existed.
    5. At day 7, CECs appeared at the periphery and scanty cells existed at the midperiphery and center 7 days after injury.
  • Exemples de existing
    1. Several existing structured penalties satisfy these conditions; thus, regularized learning with these penalties is solvable quickly using the parametric maxflow algorithm.
    2. We show how our Python interface outperforms the existing text-file-based configuration mechanism, providing features like automatic nondimensionalization of physical quantities and handling of complex parameter dependencies.
    3. Many existing textual models take for granted assumptions made by Ricœur who is one of the forestanding figures of a contemporary field referred to as hermeneutics (involved with a study of the theory and practice of texts).
    4. We took advantage of our large amount of data and on machine learning to set-up a fast webtool combining all existing taxonomies including the newly proposed consensual “expert” one.
    5. The question arises whether the remodulation of existing domain architectures within an organism would be sufficient for generating novel or alternative metabolic capabilities without the introduction of new enzymes.
    6. However, independent studies show that individuals with primary toxoplasmic retinochoroiditis without a pre-existing retinochoroidal lesion were older than those with recurrent ocular toxoplasmosis.
    7. We compare this definition with the two existing notions of multivariate subexponentiality, and compute the asymptotic behaviour of the ruin probability in the context of an insurance portfolio, when multivariate subexponentiality holds.
    8. The existing Bavarocracy (the Greeks, who are as fond of puns as ever, used to call it barbarocracy) had become impossible.

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