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EN[ˈfɹiː.kwənt] [fɹɪˈkwɛnt] [-ɛnt]

    Examples of frequent in a Sentence

  • Exemples de frequent
    1. the need for frequent road resurfacings
    2. Excellent descriptive power and frequent brilliant lines in this adoxographic poem.
    3. Gorillas (and other wildlife) frequent such bais, which are waterlogged and sunny, because of the sodium-rich sedges and asters that grow beneath the open sky.
    4. Similarity-based clustering of CDR3 or V(D)J sequences (also called clonotyping) represents a frequent pre-processing step in immune repertoire analyses [ 82 ].
    5. I settled back to life at The House of Queens trying to behave myself and keep off the devil's dandruff, but started getting frequent messages left on the answerphone from an English guy called Steve Bailey.
    6. In the disturbed zone, introgression was less frequent and slender body shape was associated with diatomivorous behaviour, smaller size (juvenile characteristics) and greater gut vacuity.
    7. Data in adults that corroborate these hypotheses include confirmation of the Th2 reaction histologically, identification of elevation of similar cytokines including eotaxin, and the frequent presence of extraesophageal allergies in patients 13–15.
    8. The frequent occurrence of enamel defects (hypoplasia and hypomineralisation) in this CL(P) material can also act as retention sites for plaque and may contribute to the elevated counts of salivary lactobacilli.
    9. In Elvish, nasal infixion is a frequent means of forming derivatives from roots.
  • Exemples de frequents
    1. Every whiffler in a laced coat who frequents the chocolate house shall talk of the constitution. — Swift.
  • Exemples de frequenter
    1. his visits became frequenter and frequenter
    2. a frequenter of nightclubs
  • Exemples de frequented
    1. Sozomenus who wrote above twelve hundred years agoe, in his Seaventh Book relates from his own knowledge, that in the Churches of Cyprus and Arabia ( places neer to Jeruſalem, and with the firſt frequented by Apoſtles ) they had Biſhops in every Village ; and what could thoſe be more then Preſbyters ?
  • Exemples de frequenting
    1. For a long while he used to console himself … by frequenting a kind of perpetual club … which held its sessions on a bench before a small inn, designated by a rubicund portrait of his Majesty George the Third.
    2. Then, as now, they spent their days walking around the city they love, frequenting favorite restaurants or cooking meals at home, and serving as each other’s creative soundboard.
  • Exemples de more frequent
    1. Evidence contradicting this principle came from a study of epileptic patients by Penfield and Roberts (1959) who found that dysphasia following surgery on the right hemisphere was not significantly more frequent in the left-handed than in the right-handed.
    2. The effect of copper as an algæcide is well known and may be a contributing factor, but the more thorough and more frequent cleaning which these pools receive must also be taken into consideration in the interpretation of this apparent phenomena.
    3. Not the direct vision of the harrowings of hell as reported, for example, by many Christian visionaries, but accounts given by the departed souls themselves are more frequent and typical features of Jewish moralist writing.
    4. Errors are more frequent when the play happens on an in-between hops.
    5. in order, by a more frequent and a more convulsive elevation and depression of the diaphragm, and the succussations of the intercostal and abdominal muscles in laughter, to drive the gall and other bitter juices from the gall bladder
    6. However, not only metabolic disturbances but also periinterventional complications such as wound healing, deep vein thrombosis and delayed graft function are more frequent in obese renal allograft recipients [48 ].
  • Exemples de most frequent
    1. Among the most frequent offenders are antidepressants and antianxiety drugs, blood pressure medications and opioid pain relievers.
    2. He now found one of his most frequent visitants accusing him of treason, in hopes of sharing his confiscation; yet, unpatronized and unsupported, he cleared himself by the openness of innocence, and the consistence of truth; he was dismissed with honour, and his accuser perished in prison.
    3. 1985: It is an old Bible, of 1619, and turned, by its most frequent usage, into a Tetrevangelium. — John Fowles, A Maggot
    4. The other two most frequent neurobehavioral changes besides “incontinence”, i.e., logopenia and apathy, are negative symptoms.
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