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EN[ˈfʌŋ(k)ʃən] [ˈfʌŋkʃn̩] [ˈfʌŋkʃən] [ˈfʌŋkʃɪ̈n] [-ʌŋkʃən]
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  • Exemples de function
    1. “The institutions whose primary mission is teaching — the masters and community colleges and bachelors colleges, are slowly disinvesting in the teaching function,” Ms. Wellman said.
    2. Let f be any real-valued function on I and g be any real-valued function on J.
    3. There a baron was created and seised by the king in a single act. His tenure was a function of his personal relationship with his lord king.
    4. ...all the hinges of the animal frame are subverted, every animal function is vitiated; the carcass retains but just life enough to make it capable of suffering.
    5. We study an optimization strategy that directly uses a maximum a posteriori (MAP) estimate of the argmax of the function.
    6. Accordingly, the MICA-TM peptide is one of the candidate bechetogenic epitopes [17 , 19 ], where the self-antigen AAAAAIFVI could function as the antigen that triggers the T-cell receptor and develops to an autoimmune reaction [19 –21 ].
    7. The exact physiological function of BChE remains elusive, although it acts as an endogenous bioscavenger for anticholinesterase agents.
  • Exemples de functions
    1. These transcripts are important because ovarian recrudescence, responsiveness and stimulatory effect to both steroidogenic and gametogenic functions of the gonad normally occurs during the pre-spawning period [10 ].
    2. To further increase immune effector functions triggered by XGFR, the Fc portion of the bispecific antibody was glycoengineered, which resulted in strong antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity activity.
    3. In addition, the diseased hemiliver acts as a transitory auxiliary liver that assists the growing FLR in metabolic, synthetic and detoxifying functions for the first and critical week after liver partition.
    4. For the class of isoelastic functions that we address in this paper, it is still possible to derive a closed expression for the value of the firm.
    5. Barista is a software package designed for extracting 3D information from high resolution satellite imagery via visual interpretation [28 ], and both RPC bundle adjustment and monoplotting functions have been included in the package.
    6. Fig 5 shows the sensitivity range functions calculated using the multitube model.
  • Exemples de functioned
    1. Our experiments re-confirmed that mosses and lichens functioned better than PCs by decreasing soil buck density, increasing water holding capacity and infiltrability.
  • Exemples de functioning
    1. The color green is experienceable by any person with normally functioning vision.
    2. Oh he looked pretty functioning to me.
    3. Background information in the article said it was well known that transfusion, especially of nonleukoreduced blood, the type in which white blood cells are not removed, alters immune system functioning, increasing the infection risk.
    4. Although their soil concentrations are low and do not usually exceed the micromolar range, organotins accumulate in plant tissues and trigger numerous changes in their functioning.
    5. Thus, hypoandrogenisms, even though slight, probably cause an alteration of the epididymal function, even though no corresponding alteration is observable in the functioning of other glands.
    6. It is completely self-originated and self-sufficient in its functioning.
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