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    1. The polylogarithm in (2.33) indicates that the degree k multicover of a curve of genus g contributes with a factor k2g−3 to Fg.
    2. In many cases myrmecophytism has evolved multiple times in a single genus (e.g., Macaranga) and in other cases it has evolved in just one clade (i.e., Vachellia).
    3. The genus Bullera was established by Derx [3 ] to accommodate yeasts producing rotational symmetry of ballistoconidia and whitish to pale colored colonies and proposing Bullera alba as the type species for the genus.
    4. Records that indicate a Jurassic age includes a taphoflora composed of derived Bennettitales (Williamsonia potyporanae), conchostracans similar to the genus Carapacestheria, and footprints attributed to a large tridactyl theropod (Eubrontes isp).
    5. The genus is distinguished from other paederines particularly by the morphology of the aedeagus, which has a pair of dorso-lateral apophyses [2 ].
    6. By breeding two troglobitic species of the genus Aphaenops, she was able to obtain the first larval instar and observed that it does not feed.
  • Exemples de genera
    1. The latter clade represents a new kinorhynch class, and accommodates Dracoderes, Franciscideres, a yet undescribed genus which is closely related with Franciscideres, and the traditional homalorhagid genera.
    2. All three of the genera have been recorded to produce potent antimicrobials such as the chrolactomycins from Actinospica [38 ], novel aminocoumarins from Catenulispora [39 ] and a novel drug targeting Mycobacterium tuberculosis ecumicin from Nonomuraea [40 ].
    3. The madanins have an extended N-terminal region compared with peptides from the other genera while the hyalomins and the D.
    4. A chequerwise arrangement of the species belonging to the former Rimicaris and Chorocaris within Rimicaridinae gives additional evidence for their genetic similarity and thus synonimising both genera.
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