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    1. A skinny blotter paper suffused with the rosy chemical geraniol and layered with a second blotter dipped in mothbally indole yields lily of the valley, which otherwise would require bales of tender white buds for just a few grams of essential oil.
    2. A lot of her clothes move strangely: one dress has an exaggerated, uneven bustle, upon which is layered a long skirt made of elastic, resulting in a motion that Glaum-Lathbury describes as "wiggly and noodly."
    3. Another girl in a vintagey red polka-dot dress revealed a striking depth of cleavage, but a lumpy zip-up sweatshirt layered on top announced, in some generic way, that she couldn’t care less, a crucial component of Upper West Side high schooler style.
    4. Typically refers to a multi-layered work, e.g.: new ads covering old on a roadside sign.
    5. Finally, there was a grilled rib of beef in an herb and pistachio crust that sat on [ … ] a cylindrical garnish of layered sweet potato and red pepper purée, pearls of glazed garlic and a thin Parmesan tuile.
    6. Either way, the track’s a mellow belter, or a melter, or a bellow: jittery, propulsive percussion slide-steps over fluttery layered vocal stabs and catacombic bass.
    7. In the hepatocyte transplantation model, DPPIV-positive hepatocytes entrapped periportally proliferated, and formed two-layered plates along portal veins.
    8. Her images are layered and slipped slightly off their undercolor as if a small creature has given them a good shaking.
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