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    1. The implication is that latitudinarianism permits ascription of de re belief too freely, and that the more robust classical conception of de re attitudes is needed to accommodate the explanatory func- tion of belief.
    2. His littleness didn't bother him, except when he needed to get something off the top shelf.
    3. They needed to take two more maths in order to graduate.
    4. The last thing I needed was another mindfucking from my skanky boss.
    5. Some technical knowledge of cameras and lighting is needed to create a motion picture.
    6. After ten days of hiking, I needed a shower and a shave. ‎
    7. The punditocracy, from ankle-biters to bigfeet, suddenly felt itself caught in a one-sided, enamored state and needed to distance itself from charges of rampant dispensing of what cynical old newshands call “big wet kisses” to a charming fresh face.

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