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    1. It was impossible to find a moment of privacy in a flat where we were living on top of one another all the time.
    2. Tokyo is a wonderful city, once you get used to living on top of one another.
    3. The architect wanted to overbuild the restaurant on top of an office.
    4. The books on top of the piano resonate when he plays certain notes.
    5. I like to think that I used my superior skill to come out on top; I don't like the idea that I had to angle-shoot to take home more money than I came with.
    6. NaOH was selected as the medium for dehybridization instead of NaCl [37 , 38 ]because the use of NaCl solution tends to leave a salt precipitate on top of the device, even though it had been rinsed with DIwater.
    7. The culture supernatant was prespun at 4,000 rpm for 10 min and loaded on top of 20% sucrose in TEN buffer and ultracentrifugated at 39,000 rpm for 18 h to separate extracellular viral particles.
    8. ...put three pieces of pimola on top and a row of chopped olives around outside.
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