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    1. Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with sugar on top?!
    2. Little Owl’s cavatelli with salty bacon, fava beans and a bracing, sweet tomato broth benefits from the lush, mouth-filling quality of the ricotta crumbled on top.
    3. She made a kind of polenta from cornmeal and chicken broth, with some cheese sprinkled on top.
    4. It's like buying a barrel of apples that's been deaconed — after you've found that the deeper you go the meaner and wormier the fruit, you forget all about the layer of big, rosy, wax-finished pippins that was on top.
    5. We each got double-dips with chocolate on top and strawberry on the bottom.
    6. Oni shredded her guitar, jumped on top of drummer Pikachu's kickdrum, then jumped off and played a sideways riff while pretending (?
    7. "It's serious, serious enough that the FBI ... and other law enforcement agencies are trying to get on top of it because the klan has made direct threats to Obama," pastor Clary, who now fights against the group as a born-again Christian, said.
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