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  • Exemples de orator
    1. a live man, or orator
    2. a spread-eagle orator
    3. Subject to the petulancy of every vernaculous orator. — Ben Jonson.
    4. Cicero was an eloquent orator of antiquity. ‎
    5. A person makes his appearance as an historian, an artist, or an orator. ‎
    6. The orator acquitted himself very poorly.
    7. The orator composed his speech over the week prior.
    8. The busy orator and mother of two couldn't get around to her unfinished speech.
  • Exemples de orators
    1. "But why should I attempt to depict and describe in detail, and feature by feature, the beauty of the peerless Dulcinea, the burden being one worthy of other shoulders than mine, an enterprise wherein the pencils of Parrhasius, Timantes, and Apelles, and the graver of Lysippus ought to be employed, to paint it in pictures and carve it in marble and bronze, and Ciceronian and Demosthenian eloquence to sound its praises?" ¶ "What does Demosthenian mean, Senor Don Quixote?" said the duchess; "it is a word I never heard in all my life." ¶ "Demosthenian eloquence," said Don Quixote, "means the eloquence of Demosthenes, as Ciceronian means that of Cicero, who were the two most eloquent orators in the world."
    2. the big sloop led the fleet of yachts;  the Guards led the attack;  Demosthenes leads the orators of all ages
    3. Two millennia after his death, his speeches remain the model for modern orators, his tricks and tropes - tricolon, anaphora, praeteritio and the like - are still the stock in trade of the public speaker.
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