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  • Exemples de plan
    1. They tarted up their business plan.
    2. This fallacy is what it sounds like. Speakers routinely try to play on the emotions of the crown in lieu of making real arguments. 'I know this national missile defense plan has its detractors, but won't someone please think of the children'?
    3. If you plan to teach this material to children, you may need to water it down.
    4. If you find one you like, plan to guard it like a hawk until the purchase is finalized.
    5. The overall plan is well understood, but we still have to work out the particulars.
    6. THEY NAMED THEIR COMMUNITY of forty-seven homes near Pleasantville, New York, "Usonia" in homage to Frank Lloyd Wright, whose ideas on the way Americans should live together guided their plan.
    7. The project has the makings of success: a strong leader, a committed workforce, and a workable plan.
    8. The artist's conception and plan permit the artist to judge the correctness of various aspects of the work that gives the artist the ability to resolve problems that occur during its execution.
  • Exemples de plans
    1. The plans for many important buildings were once publicly available.
    2. Now Mr. Bush plans to pour more arms into this unstable region and add fuel to the volatile powderkeg he has foolishly created.
    3. Opponents of those privatization plans hoped to use Mr. Armstrong's qualms as ammunition to block the White House initiatives, and they asked for more public statements.
    4. Recordation by the Administrator of transfers of allowances shall amend automatically all applicable proposed or approved permit applications, compliance plans and permits. [42 U.S.C. 7651g]
    5. He plans to haul the recycling in on Saturday.
    6. Eight years ago, the apartment cost $292,000, and the three redos totaled $48,000, but though he has no plans to sell, he thinks he could get $600,000 for the place today.
    7. The general rehashed plans for the war.
    8. New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority plans a rail line on an unused right of way of the Long Island Rail Road between JFK and Penn Station to whisk passengers to midtown Manhattan in twenty minutes.
    9. Mr. Ducasse is pursuing plans for a new hotel one hour from central Tokyo, a cross between a ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn, and an auberge, a French country inn.
    10. At the end of the second act the main villain gave a soliloquy detailing his plans to attack the protagonist.
  • Exemples de planned
    1. They nearsightedly planned only for the first two months.
    2. That stop was not planned. ‎
    3. Funds are urgently required if this work is to be completed as planned.
    4. Hydroseeding of unvegetated batters is planned.
    5. I already planned to buy the car, but the color was what really clinched it for me.
    6. He heard from a coworker that the company planned to merge those departments.
    7. DFI planned to commission a drilling rig to begin an extensive evaluation of the Barteajam and the Henry Town gold prospects in 2009
    8. The company says it will go forward with only two of the eight projects it had planned in Rwanda, and the Kigali hotel and Akagera ecolodge didn’t make the cut.
    9. My twelve-year-old son will be entering his teens next year.  She had planned to enter the legal profession. ‎
    10. The planned access via Netizen appears not to be a happener.
  • Exemples de planning
    1. They were engaged last month! They're planning to have the wedding next year. ‎
    2. Let's kick off this project with a planning meeting. ‎
    3. We're planning to recarpet the dining room.
    4. They are planning to shut down the entire building at the end of the month.
    5. the making of the film; the forging of the sword took several hours of planning, preparation, and metalwork
    6. We're planning on going on a trek up Kilimanjaro.
    7. A young law student, Sandra Fluke, came before this body, before the Members of Congress, and testified regarding coverage for family planning and contraceptives.
    8. Ivan is planning an attack on our flank.
    9. Roughly, the rule goes: if you have just swum, are planning to swim soon or are reasonably proximate to a place where others are swimming, then your budgie smugglers are perfectly acceptable.
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