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    1. The efficiency of the planning department is deplorable.
    2. I am planning a get-together with some friends next Saturday. ‎
    3. In planning a banquet, one might consider the decision of the color of napkins to be a grace note in relation to deciding the courses to be offered on the menu.
    4. As a business owner, a truly effective business owner that is building a profitable business machine, you need headspace, thinking time, planning time, brainstorming time, education time, decision making time, questioning time and more thinking time.
    5. ( hydrology ) (transportation planning) Isochrones of equal travel time
    6. "Jobseekers are entitled to personalised jobsearch planning and job-matching, with direct access to vacancies."
    7. I was planning on going, but something came up. ‎
    8. My neighbours were going to build an extension but they didn't get planning.
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