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EN[ˈkwɒlɪti] [ˈkwɑlɪti] [ˈkʰwɒɫəɾi]
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    Examples of quality in a Sentence

  • Exemples de quality
    1. Each color has a unique experiential quality.
    2. Dietrich and Lenya lacked a number of singerly virtues, but their strengths lay in a kind of extramusical quality of feeling and experience.
    3. The story had a fablelike quality.
    4. The quality of fluorescent lighting technology has improved dramatically in recent years.
    5. The quality of automobile gasolines varies considerably from one country and producer to another.
    6. Get hi-quality videos here!
    7. She always wears high-quality clothes.
    8. We use only the highest-quality materials.
    9. Finally, the truest measure of quality: In interconference games, Western teams have a 57-38 record against the East, including overtime and penalty shootout results — a winning percentage of .600.
  • Exemples de qualities
    1. An entrepreneur puts market share and profit before quality, an amateur intrinsic qualities before economical considerations. ‎
    2. The school's anthem sang of its many outstanding qualities, and it was hard to keep a straight face while singing.
    3. He’s got a point; the same qualities that make Exxon Mobil the world’s best producer of oil and gas also cause it to be a terrible articulator of its own message.
    4. Major Peter had the qualities making for a great leader of a Fighter Squadron, utter sincerity of purpose, high personal courage, and those general attributes of air-leadership consolidated in the pilot’s word, “cluefulness”
    5. The more glamorous qualities usually associated with him are skill and pace and he used those to race on to a ball across him and dummy a defender before having a right-foot shot saved.
    6. qualities that go to make a lady / lip-reader / sharpshooter
    7. Arsene Wenger's side showed little of the style and fluidity that is their hallmark but this was about digging deep and getting the job done, qualities they demonstrated and that will serve them well as the season reaches its climax.
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