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    1. the Sahelo-Sudanian region
    2. Béarn and the (Basque) region Lower Navarre formed the present département of the Basses-Pyrenées ('Lower Pyrenees')
    3. Hue is the capital of Vietnam's North Central Coast economic region
    4. Wineries from this region make a lot of cabernets, merlots and meritages, or red blends, but you also see some good rieslings and chardonnays.
    5. A partially ruptured 10 ×8 cm pedunculated mass arising at antimesenteric border of the ileum around 4 feet proximal to ileocaecal region was found ( Fig.
    6. According to archeozoological and genetic data, goats were domesticated some 10 000 years ago in the geographical region that spans from Eastern Anatolia to the Zagros Mountains in Northern Iran.
  • Exemples de regions
    1. After RSE treatment for 90 days, there was no comparable fibrosis in noninfarct and infarct regions.
    2. With the CE protocol, tortuous loops were better detected in 43.5%, capillary nonperfusion regions in 26.1%, and neovascularization and hemorrhages in 13% each.
    3. Building on them, we first map the palaeodistribution of endemic species to identify temporally stable (refugial) and unstable (recently colonized) regions for species occurrence, which are then validated with multispecies molecular data.
    4. However, AN patients presented hyperactivation of left parastriatal visual regions, which were additionally correlated with the severity of the disorder.
    5. The perianastomotic regions for each vein graft were removed, and the mid-portion of the graft was divided into two segments, one for histological and immunohistochemical analyses and the other for total RNA extraction [ …]
    6. CTV was defined as GTV plus a 2.0–5.0 cm craniocaudal margin with a 0.8–1.0 cm lateral margin and the areas at risk for elective nodal regions (such as lower cervical, periesophageal, mediastinal and perigastric LNs).
    7. A stroke has not only a detrimental effect on the directly affected tissue, but it can also impact more distant regions and to some extent even the contralateral hemisphere, causing a transhemispheric diaschisis [1 , 2 ].
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