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    1. Another stumper is a 1954 retelling and reillustration by Walt Kelly, of "Pogo" fame, of an episode from Lewis Carroll's novel "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland."
    2. The new film is a needless retelling of what was already a cinematic classic.
    3. As so often happens in the retelling of grand and not-so-grand amours alike, her re-creation of the affair is trite and teeny-boppery, an effect magnified by her inclusion of scrapbook snapshots — her puffy first boyfriend (“giving up my virginity was special”); a 1972 wedding snap of “Sheryl and Ronnie” (they are still married); a shot of the Upper East Side snuggery where she and Bernie hooked up; and a collage of the “iconic” lipstick building where she and Bernie first met.
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