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    Examples of thirds in a Sentence

  • Exemples de third
    1. a mile about, and a third of a mile across
    2. Mexican ace Dos Santos smashed home the third five minutes later after good work from Defoe.
    3. The third option is also nervous about modernity but in an antimodern rather than postmodern way, that is, it is alarmed rather than playful [ …]
    4. But the antinationalist demonstrations that followed Mr. Dink’s killing also surfaced in places as diverse as Izmir, the Aegean coastal city that is Turkey’s third largest, and in Sanliurfa and Hatay, which are close to Turkey’s eastern border with Syria.
    5. Coming to the third proposition, von Hertling says, with justice, that the doctrine of the balance of power is a more or less antiquated doctrine.
    6. Many of them don't know it, but almost a third of the inmates are eligible to apply for parole or work-release programs.
    7. The new products, like the prepaid debit card, will be offered through third-party partners, allowing Wal-Mart to sell banklike services without a government license.
    8. Rivera retired the next three batters in order, with third baseman Alex Rodriguez contributing a nifty barehand pickup and throw on Julio Lugo’s roller.
  • Exemples de thirds
    1. BREWERS 3, PHILLIES 2 Ben Sheets (4-2) struck out eight in seven and two-thirds innings, and Gabe Gross hit two bases-empty home runs for the first multihomer game of his career to help visiting Milwaukee end a four-game losing streak.
    2. As an example, let us take a ratio which is two-thirds of a quadruple. Since 2 is the numerator, we shall have one-third of a quadruple ratio squared, namely a sedecuple ratio.
    3. He ate a third of the pie. Divided by two-thirds.
    4. They sing in thirds.
    5. An eclipse of eight digits is one which hides two thirds of the diameter of the disk.
    6. Two-thirds of local recurrences after surgery occur at the anastomosis (of these 60 % were posterior, 20 % anterior, and 15 % lateral), 17 % in the retrovesical space, 10 % in the bladder neck and 10 % elsewhere [ 6 ].

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