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  • Question 1 :
  • Inclusion criteria were as follows: (i) newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes or type 2 diabetics who were inadequately controlled with diet and exercise or had taken oral antidiabetic medication irregularly (treatment duration _______ than 6 months) and had stopped treatment for more than 1 month; (ii) two consecutive FBG tests in 1 week with a level of 8.0–13.5 mmol/L and an intertest difference of <1.8 mmol/L; and (iii) male, aged 18–75 years, with a body mass index (BMI) of ≤40 kg/m 2 .
    1. shorters
    2. shorter
  • Question 2 :
  • Yet, our preliminary experiments with adding reverse-complemented reads to the generated sequence resulted in rather moderate improvement in the pseudogenome length (e.g., _______ by about 15%), while handling the queries requires significant changes in the used data structures (and possibly more space needed for them).
    1. shorters
    2. shorter
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